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A greener future in your pocket

Tweak helps you take control of your environmental footprint by quantifying your emissions and connecting you with climate change pioneers.

Tweak is free to sign up and use, forever!

Making your journey To sustainable Living easier and more rewarding.

Our mission is to help you understand your carbon footprint better, show you how to reduce it, and introduce you to a world of sustainable products. And that's not all - we believe in celebrating your efforts. With us, you'll be rewarded for every step you take towards living sustainably.

your 3-step solution to a more sustainable life

01 Know your footprint
By securely connecting your bank account, you can track your carbon footprint with every purchase and monitor its evolution over time.
02 Making sustainability easy
Transition to a greener lifestyle with ease by offsetting your footprint through local projects and shopping sustainably via our comprehensive directory.
03 Get recognised for your efforts
Unlock rewards in our green marketplace and get recognised on our leader board with each step you take towards living a greener life.

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One community, solving climate change

Supporting solutions that already exist

We connect you with green SMEs in our marketplace

You support their initiatives

You lower your footprint

Green SMEs start thriving

What sets us apart?

we reward you for being sustainable

Doing good should feel good too. Receive discounts on your favourite eco-friendly retailers as you climb the sustainability ladder.

We connect you with climate change pioneers

You lower your footprint

Green SMEs start thriving

The Tweak difference

Tweakers reduce their footprint by 2t CO₂e per annum when joining our community.



CO2e emissions reduced


Cars off the road

What “sustainability” means to us.

It's not expensive. It's

Tweak For Organisations

Our white-labelled solution empowers businesses to measure and encourage footprint reduction, benefiting corporates, employees and clients, while making a positive impact on the planet.