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Optimise your sustainable living from anywhere, anytime. Low effort, high reward.

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Through our consumption, we influence 65% of global emissions. By making collective and conscious spending choices, we can drive demand for a more sustainable & inclusive economy.


Travel & Transport



(Ivanova et al., 2016).

Tweak makes this journey easy and rewarding


Know your impact

You know the calorie intake of different products, but do you know their environmental footprint? Track your carbon footprint in real-time by connecting your banking data securely through our API with 22seven. From electricity and fuel purchases to transactions at Woolies, gain insights for informed, environmentally conscious decisions. Concerned about data safety? Learn how 22seven, an Old Mutual company, has protected client data for over 10 years here


Track it over time

With Tweak, you can easily track your footprint's monthly progress and observe if it increases or decreases compared to the previous month. Set up a footprint reduction goal and strive to achieve it every month as your footprint resets to 0, enabling you to make consistent strides towards a greener lifestyle.


Make changes

With the insights provided by Tweak, you're equipped to make impactful changes. Embark on personalised 21-day journeys, accompanied by tips, educational content, and gamification to enhance your sustainability journey. Moreover, for emissions that can't be avoided, you have the option to offset them by supporting South African carbon removal projects. By doing so, you contribute to climate change solutions while also supporting local SMEs.


Shop Sustainably

Discover a world of sustainable options in our comprehensive directory, connecting you with forward-thinking brands dedicated to making a positive impact. Access green alternatives for your everyday purchases and embrace a more eco-friendly lifestyle.


Get Recognised & Rewarded

At Tweak, we believe in rewarding sustainable living. Celebrate every step towards sustainability with exclusive perks and discounts from brands in our green marketplace. Engage in friendly competition, climb the ranks on Tweak's leaderboard, and receive recognition for your green initiatives.

Reduce your carbon footprint with ease

Tailored recommendations

Old habits die hard , which is why our algorithm has been designed to give you recommendations that match the level of change you feel comfortable with.

Suits your lifestyle

Set your own targets and change your lifestyle at your own pace. We believe small actions have the power to create a big difference.

Offset your unavoidable emissions

Not ready to make sacrifices but still care about the planet? You can always offset your emissions. Find out more here.

Rewards are coming soon!

Based on your transaction data and quiz answers, Tweak places you on a scale of Hoot to Green. Each tier unlocks access to unique rewards. The more sustainable you live, the greater your rewards!