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Camille O'Sullivan

May 22, 2023

7 Organizations in South Africa to Donate Your Household Items

Did you know how relatively easy it is to declutter your home by upcycling and donating instead of throwing away? Not only is it a sustainable choice, but it can also be a great way to give back to the community. In this article, we will introduce you to several organizations in South Africa where you can donate your household items, knowing that they will be put to good use.


Founded over a century ago, Jo'burg Child Welfare provides essential family care services to underserved communities, particularly children. They accept donations of unwanted household items and clothing that are still in good condition. From appliances to books, furniture to clothing and shoes, your donations will make a difference. Contact them to learn about their current needs and schedule a drop-off.


The 9Miles Project is a community and youth development program operating in the Western Cape and Eastern Cape. They accept donations of pre-loved items that can support their various projects, including mentorship, surf programs, and academic support for underserved areas. Visit their official site for more information on their specific needs.


By supporting the Help the Rural Child charity shops, you directly contribute to the Goedgedacht Trust's projects in the Western Cape. If you're moving and need to part with unwanted furniture, the organization offers a convenient free collection service. Contact them or visit their website for additional details.


Oasis is a Cape Town-based organization established in 1952, providing assistance to disabled individuals with significant intellectual limitations. They offer housing, food supplies, and support to over 500 beneficiaries in Claremont, Delft, and other areas. Alongside monetary contributions, Oasis also accepts household items. You can drop off your donations at their Claremont office.

5. Hospice:

Consider reaching out to local hospices in your area, as they often welcome donations of clothing, furniture, household items, and books. Your contributions can help support their fundraising efforts and provide care for those with life-limiting illnesses.

6. Animal Shelters:

If you have pet supplies, such as blankets, food, toys, or grooming items, consider donating them to local animal shelters or rescue organizations. Your donations will contribute to the well-being of abandoned or stray animals in need of care.

7. Community-Based NGOs:

Explore community-based non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in your area that focus on social welfare, poverty alleviation, or education. These organizations often have initiatives to collect and distribute goods to individuals and families in need within the community.

Remember, when donating goods, it's always recommended to contact the organization directly to inquire about their donation guidelines, preferred items, and drop-off locations. Additionally, to ensure the safety of your donations, it's best to deliver them directly to the designated locations rather than leaving them outside, as items left unattended may be taken by unauthorized individuals.

Sounds like too much work? Simply leave these items next to your bin, someone will likely pick them up and you could make their day. Remember, one person's trash is another person's treasure. By giving your items a second life through donation, you not only declutter your home but also spread joy and create positive impact in someone else's life.

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