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Staff Writer

May 4, 2023

The famous fabric to look out for when swimwear shopping

Every new summer season comes with the temptation to buy new swimwear. And let’s be real, did you even spend those days on the beach, or glamorously lounging poolside if there isn’t photo evidence to prove it?

Luckily, there are increasingly more local sustainable brands offering gorgeous guilt-free swimwear options. And most of them rely on one magic ingredient: EcoNyl.

What is EcoNyl?

EcoNyl is 100% regenerated nylon made using fishing nets, plastics and other debris from the ocean. Italian firm Aquafil is responsible for the new wonder fabric, that’s made through a chemical recycling process.

Chemical recycling breaks down the materials to their simplest particles, before reconfiguring them into the recycled nylon. The result is a nylon substitute that looks and feels like the real thing, without compromising on quality.

How is it good for the environment?

The chemical recycling process means that the materials used to make EcoNyl aren’t degraded and the process can be done again and again.

Considering that an estimated 40% of ocean waste is nylon, this could have a huge impact on ocean conservation.

According to the company, replacing nylon with EcoNyl can reduce carbon emissions by 50%.

Who’s using it?

EcoNyl first became popular as a swimwear fabric, but now is gaining popularity as a nylon replacement by brands like Burberry and Prada.

Locally, a host of sustainable swimwear brands are using it to make their products:


Akina swimwear not only offers beautifully designed classic swimwear pieces, but they are also committed to a production process that is ethical and as wasteless as possible.

Their swimwear fabric, although not locally sourced, is made from 78% recycled Polyamide, stitched with EcoNyl yarn.

60% of their factory waste is recycled, with some of it being upcycled into bags or other items, and some donated and they are working towards a fully green manufacturing process.

The brand has also laid out its entire sustainability plan on its website for customers to see.

Granadilla Swim

Granadilla Swim, originally known for their bright prints on men’s swimming shorts, has now expanded into women’s swimwear too.

They’ve made a specific range of eco-friendly swimwear, made with EcoNyl. The recycled range is limited edition for now, but we can hope that the brand extends in the future.  

January and June

January and June was born out of a love for the ocean and a desire to create sustainable products to stop ocean waste.

Their range of one-pieces and bikinis are all manufactured locally from EcoNyl, and the brand is also committed to 100% biodegradable packaging.


Atlas a wetsuit and swimwear brand that produces all their pieces from EcoNyl. The brand was founded by surfers and ocean lovers who are committed to reducing the impact of plastic on the ocean.

The team explained, “As surfers, we feel we should always make choices that are friendly towards the environment and sustainable. When it came to choosing fabrics for our swimwear, we knew immediately that there was only one textile yarn we would’ve been happy to make our products from.”

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