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Namrata Zala

January 6, 2023

Tweak’s Sustainable Gift Guide

Green gift-giving all year round

Buying a thoughtful present for any occasion can leave one stumped. In a sea full of options, how do you know you’re making an all-round correct choice? 

We’ve compiled a small list of South African businesses with stunning, sustainable products so you can express your love for the special ones in your life without harming the environment. When compiling this list, our criteria included businesses that embrace circularity, are community oriented, use organic materials and empower those they work with.

Why not tweak the way you gift, for the better?

Au Terra

Price: R360 - R6,500

One of a kind, AuTerra uses e-waste to create handicraft accessories from precious metal, gold and silver. Their refinery works hard to manage, capture and neutralize the emissions from the recycling process, and they maintain circularity by reusing the dust and offcuts from their jewelry production process.

Au Terra began in founder, Ashley Heather’s grandparents’ garage, where she used silver recycled from photographic waste to begin making her jewelry. With previous experience working alongside NGOs that work towards social and environmental justice, Heather had seen first-hand the impact that unchecked mining has on communities and landscapes. Au Terra was a way for her to marry her passion for sustainability and jewelry crafting. 

Sealand Gear

Price: R 130 - R 3,250

Sealand Gear is grounded by a passion to protect the environment and the community around it. Bags and apparel are handmade by valued craftspeople from waste or responsibly and ethically sourced materials. 

The brand was founded by two surfers, a dog and a Cruiser. Sealand is an expression of the understanding that our oceans, the outdoors and urban spaces are in need of protection, and every component that makes up the company honours this - from their materials to the people that work there. 


Price: R 280 - R 3,750

Locally made, Pichulik is committed to sustainability in all ways, from remunerating their crafters above market value, to creating their jewelry from organic materials to create forms that celebrate the empowering stories of women.

Each piece is handcrafted from unique, organic materials that are innovatively repurposed to create beautiful jewelry. Founded by Katherine-Mary Pichulik, the brand has grown into a strong woman-led team over the last decade.

Kilo Collective

Price: R 380+ 

Instagram page, Kilo Collective is a newly relaunched hotspot for unique, second hand and newfound vintage, as well as handmade garments from their creatives. Their account features beautiful visuals that express the essence of who they are - think Wabi Sabi, earth textures and bohemian chic.

Via Wax

Price: R 80 - R 360

Made by the Viruly sisters, a sculptor-curator duo, Via Wax is a small-batch candle producer made in-house in their Observatory studio. Candles are hand-poured and wax offcuts are reused to embrace circularity.

We aim to update this post with more initiatives that embrace sustainability and a circular economy in their practises. 

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