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Camille O'Sullivan

February 20, 2023

What transactions do we look at in our carbon footprint calculator?

Have you ever wondered why you only see a portion of your transactions on your Tweak account? The reason for this is straightforward. We believe in emphasizing personal responsibility when it comes to calculating your carbon footprint. That's why we don't include transactions related to services, such as a doctor's appointment or your rent. However, we make an exception for food-related services such as Uber Eats or restaurants, as this is an area where users have control over their choices and emissions.

While emissions generated by services need to be accounted for, including them in your carbon footprint calculation can detract from the goal of empowering individuals to reduce their own emissions. This can shift the focus away from what you can control and influence and onto the responsibility of service providers. For example, the emissions generated by a university building are already accounted for in the university's carbon footprint. Including these emissions in your carbon footprint as well would result in double counting.

At Tweak, we believe that it's more appropriate to focus on the emissions that you can directly control and influence, like energy use in your home, transportation, and food choices. By excluding non-food related service transactions and focusing on these areas, we can keep the calculation of your carbon footprint simple, and emphasize your personal responsibility for reducing emissions.

In conclusion, the reason you see fewer transactions on your Tweak account is because we want to prioritize the areas of your carbon footprint that you have the most control over and emphasize your personal responsibility in reducing emissions.

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